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Mobile Job Searching: How to Get the Most From Your Smartphone

May 22nd, 2012

We’re the age of constant connectivity and we devour information so rapidly thanks to the portability and versatility of our beloved devices, in particular, our smartphones.

Our smartphones are changing the way we do things, how we keep in contact, and how we present ourselves. Smartphones have even changed the way we’re reached out to, from marketing to mobile websites. This includes how employers are reaching out to prospective employees.

We know employees have been using social media to attract potential hires (and to weed out the weak candidates), but they’ve been using smartphone technology for more than just Twitter and LinkedIn real-time updates. They’re developing apps and mobile sites to cater to those whose fifth appendage is their iPhone, Android, or Blackberry phone.

Tim Hortons, a chain coffee/restaurant in Canada and small parts of New York State, have been putting QR codes near the register where they can see if that specific location is hiring, which positions, and if not, which ones nearby is looking for new employees.

LinkedIn, the professional social media site, has also perfectly adapted their website to be easily accessible on smartphones.

It’s important to utilize those smartphones while on the job search. Employers know you have them and use them wherever you go.

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