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Tips for Small Businesses Looking to Hire for the Summer

May 17th, 2012

Unemployment rates may be dropping, but sometimes work is still hard to come by. Luckily, employers are still hiring for summer employees.

Because the economy is moving so slowly toward getting better, there are many more candidates to choose from all age groups. This makes hiring a more overwhelming endeavor than you might otherwise find it, especially for small business owners. You’re looking for reliability, trainability, and the ability to handle customers well. You can’t always find all three traits in people, so the hiring process is crucial.

Here are some easy tips to help you find the best employee who will provide what you need and maybe even bring something to the table.

Start the process early in the year. Because the competition is so stiff, you want to make sure you’re getting the best possible candidates that will fit in with your business’ culture. If you start too late, you could wind up hiring any Joe Schmoe just because you need someone in there fast. This works too because candidates are out there looking earlier than in years’ past. This early contact could help build a more symbiotic employee/employer relationship before the candidate’s first day, an added bonus!

Know what kind of employee you’re looking for. If you’re a small business looking for lifeguards, waiters, or the like, you’re obviously going to look for younger people and they’re more likely to be looking at college or high school career fairs. Don’t be afraid to utilize social media, either. The kids are on it and tweets that involve “We’re hiring!” in them will earn retweets and direct messages looking for more information. If you’re looking for something more skilled and requiring a bit more experience, the college fair may not be for you. There are always staffing agencies and/or career websites that will attract your more skilled candidate.

Put into your workers what you want to see out of them. You’re making an investment in your company when you’re hiring new workers. Make sure your investment is worthwhile. Making sure the mission, the protocols and procedures, and maintenance goals are clear is so imperative. Paid training may be a bit expensive at first but it’s so important that everyone taking care of your business know how to take care of it.

Need any other tips on how to staff your small business for the summer, or at any time? Contact us at Josephine’s Professional Staffing for more information!

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