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Office Gifts for Employees

November 29th, 2012

Office Gifts for Employees

In our previous post, we talked about handling holiday bonuses and your employees. So what if your company cannot afford to give out any holiday bonuses? You still want your employees to feel valued and appreciated. A great way to get that point across is to first speak with them ahead of time and explain the situation, and to get them a little something for their efforts throughout the year.

But what is appropriate to give to your employees as a holiday present? Here are some definite do’s as well as some ideas to get you started on the right track for office gifting this holiday season.

Holiday gifting do’s. A gift can be perceived as inappropriate. A way to avoid that is to make sure the present stays office related. If for some reason that is not possible due to your field of work, you can always accompany the gift with a note explaining the gesture. Hub Pages has an example: “Lauren, I want you to know that your work is recognized. I hope that you and Bill can enjoy a night out; you both deserve it.” This way it is clear that you never had any intentions on being part of the dinner.

Decide how much the company can spend per individual. There are lots of great ideas for companies on a budget. has great employee and office gift ideas from $10 to $50 and everything in between.

Ran out of shopping time? Here are some last minute ideas for employee gifts.  And if you truly run out of time, consider a donation the employee’s charity of their choice! Another option is the always-available gift cards, especially to a coffee shop, after all who would turn down a cup of Joe during a long week of work?

What other employee gift ideas has your office used for the holidays?

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