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Top 5 Interview Mistakes To Avoid

February 8th, 2013
Celebrating 25 Years In Business!

Celebrating 25 Years In Business!

To err is human, but did you know there are certain mistakes an interviewee can make that can hurt their chances of getting the job? We have searched far and wide for the most common interview blunders an interviewee can make. Here are the top five mistakes and how they can be avoided.

Arriving late. We have all heard about this one over and over again, but arriving late is one of the most common interview mistakes interviewees make. The problem is obvious; arriving late to the interview gives the impression of disregard for the interviewer’s time and shows the interviewee does not take the job seriously. Of course, no one plans on getting lost but there are certain steps that can be taken to diminish the possibility.

  • Look up directions before leaving.
  • Pay attention to the estimated drive time on online maps, like GoogleMaps, and plan accordingly.
  • Allow extra time for the unexpected like traffic jams or construction detours.
  • If possible, drive by the location a couple of days earlier to know exactly how to get there.

Not dressing appropriately. That’s right, like it or not appearance counts! The way they dress affects the first impression an interviewee makes. A good idea is to visit the company’s website and measure their level of formality. Remember, it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed; after all, you can worry about the level of casualness after you get the job.

Talking too much or too little. Rambling during an interview can hurt an interviewee’s chances at getting the job. No matter how welcoming the process might be, talking about children and family it not professional. Keeping answers to the point and concise is the best way to go.

Answering the phone. While checking your phone can be temping during an interview, answering a phone call or replying to a text message is one of those mistakes that can truly send the wrong message. So, how to resist the temptation of checking your phone at the alert of a text message? Put it on silent and put it away before entering the interview.

Not asking questions. Taking the time to quickly study the company lets the interviewer know that you cared enough to prepare. Bring more than a couple of questions, in case some get answered before you get your turn to ask. Forbes has compiled a list of 4 questions you should ask at the end of the interview.

Are you a job seeker? Josephine’s Professional Staffing is celebrating its 25th business anniversary! Let us help you avoid common mistakes like these so you can find the perfect job.

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