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Temp Agencies, and Why You Should Go to Them

July 19th, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 9.36.01 PMFinding the perfect employee can be extremely tiring. You may go through round after round of interviews and read hundreds of resumes, and even after you pick someone, find that they don’t live up to expectations. If you need the best possible employee, what’s to be done? Luckily, there is a solution – temp agencies. There are many ways that hiring a temporary worker can be your best option and will deliver you exactly what you need.
Try before you buy
If what you’re really looking for is a permanent full time employee but have been unsuccessful in finding one with the abilities you need, a temporary worker is your best bet. An employment agency like JPS can help you hire them for a short time, with the agreement that they’ll be let go after a certain period. However, if you’re happy with their work and they fit what you need, you can easily come to an agreement with their employment agency to keep them on a permanent basis. Skip the hundreds of interviews, and skip the bother of having to let go of a worker who you hired on a permanent basis. Think of a temp worker as doing a demonstration run, after which you can choose to keep or let them go at your discretion.

Cover your weak spots
Maybe you’ve already got all the permanent employees you need, but one of them is out for some reason. Long vacation, maternity leave, unexpected sickness – whatever it is, your solution again will be employment agencies. A temporary worker will be highly skilled and easily trainable, and can absolutely fill your gap for as long as you need it to be patched. And the best part is, as soon as your permanent employees come back, you’ll be able to part ways with the temp worker, no problem.
Get your busy season covered
Most companies have certain times of year in which they’ll see increased activity or sales, and consequently need additional staff. Don’t bother hiring workers you’ll need to fire in a few months time – go to temp agencies instead. Temp agencies will provide you with the workers to fill all the slots in your roster to keep you running smoothly any time of year. And if you still need more permanent employees later, there’s no problem in keeping some of the temporary workers you’ve been fostering!


Employment agencies like Josephine’s Professional Staffing will often be your best bet when trying to fill a spot in your company, whether it’s temporary, seasonal or even permanent. Don’t make the mistake of spending far too much time, money and hassle interviewing and hiring the wrong staff. Call Josephine’s Professional Staffing today at 408.943.0111 to find out how exactly we can help you fill all of your staffing needs.


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