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Hiring Managers – 8 Secrets They All Know (Part 1)

September 3rd, 2013
Do you know the secrets?

Do you know the secrets?

Whether you are a seasoned professional or breaking into the business of your choice, interactions with hiring managers are intimidating and nerve wracking to say the least. We have all experienced an interview that left us with an urge for more information. In this two part blog post series, we will uncover eight secrets that hiring managers generally don’t share with employment applicants. Here are the first four:

1. Most interviewers are nervous too: This may not be the juiciest of secrets, but it is true that most interviewers have a case of the butterflies before walking into a candidate’s interview. It is also not unusual that many hiring managers consider themselves to be somewhat unskilled when it comes to conducting an interview.

2. They want you to let your guard down: Hiring managers are being intentionally kind and exceedingly friendly throughout your interview in hopes that you will become a more candid applicant, allowing them to get a better depiction of who you are as an individual and how you   might contribute to their company culture if offered employment.

3. If you don’t fit in, it will matter: You could be the most qualified candidate for a position, but if you do not fit into the company culture or identify with the general mindset of the current employees, the hiring manager may pass on offering you employment. Keep this in mind when applying for positions and be sure to only apply to companies in which you would enjoy working for.

4. The courtesy you give your current employer is a green light or red flag:  Hiring managers look at a multitude of details when speaking with applicants; this includes how they interact with others when the conversation is related to their current place of employment. When a manager asks when you could start at their company if hired, a candidate that gives a date prior to the appropriate two weeks’ notice could in fact put up a huge red flag for that manager. You may ask, “Why?” Well, regardless of your personal feelings towards your current employer, a lack of professional courtesy could be a foreshadowing of how a hiring manager would see you treating their company in the future. With this in mind, keep all discussions concerning your current employment positive and professional.

These four secrets are only the tip of the hiring manager’s secret iceberg. Be sure to check back next week as we uncover four more secrets and give even more insight into the mind of your next potential interviewer.

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