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Staffing Agencies – A Cost Effective Solution

October 22nd, 2013
How can staffing agencies save you money?

How can staffing agencies save you money?

Staffing agencies like JPS are a priceless resource in the professional world. They bring together exceptional companies with outstanding candidates that may or may not have been found through other employee search methods. The use of a staffing agency is not only beneficial to a company’s general work environment and productivity, but also to its pocketbook. In this blog post, we introduce various ways in which working with a staffing agency can save a company money in a highly significant way.

They are:

Try before you buy: Staffing agencies provide an opportunity for temporary employees to be actively placed within a quality company. With the reality of turnover being rather high among regular external hires, temporary employees reduce the risk of investing time and money into a new employee that may not be a good fit for the company in the long term. This is a great way to determine which candidates would be quality permanent employees.

Access to highly qualified candidates: Staffing agencies have unlimited access to active candidates with outstanding resumes and credentials. Partnering with staffing agencies can reduce the time and money spent focused on unqualified candidate applications while also garnering individuals that are not only qualified, but fit into the company’s overall culture. These candidates help maintain a high level of work and productivity within the workplace.

Reduction of overtime costs: The burden of paying employees time and a half for overtime hours can be heavy. By working with staffing agencies and temporary employees, overtime hours can be reduced or nearly eliminated from the shoulders of regular employees. This will result in a noticeable monetary savings.

Tax coverage: One of the most cost effective aspects of working with a staffing agency lays in the realm of taxes. Typically, the partnering staffing agency will cover all taxes and fees that accompany payroll, unemployment or worker’s compensation.

As you can see, working with a staffing agency is a highly beneficial practice that will not only provide companies with the best quality candidates, but will also help keep the company purse strings tight. If you are looking for an exceptional staffing agency to partner with, we encourage you to contact Josephine’s Professional Staffing, today!

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