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New Year Resolutions – Tips for Job Hunting in 2014 (Part Three)

December 31st, 2013
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

New Year resolutions are an annual occurrence that vary from person to person. In part one of this blog post series, we delved into the common ideal that the New Year is seen as a fresh start and an opportunity for change. In part two, we continued with our introduction of job hunting tips with more ideas to aid in finding success with your job related New Year resolutions.  Today, in our third and final installation of the New Year resolutions blog post series, we wrap it up with three final tips for finding job hunting success in the New Year. 

They are:

1. Update your resume, CV and cover letter: In most cases, hiring managers will see your resume long before they ever see your face. Be sure to update your paperwork with the most recent employment and job skill information. Chances are you will have valuable recent experience that can be added. Additionally, it never hurts to take a second glance at the quality of your documents, even if you don’t initially think that job hunting requires any changes to your resume, CV or cover letter.

2. Prepare to pitch yourself: Once the job hunting begins and the calls start coming in, you need to be prepared to sell yourself and convey your employment needs. Prepare a 20-30 second pitch that answers the typical questions surrounding the job hunt. Be sure to identify what your goals are, what kind of position you are looking for, what your strengths are and why you would be a great hire. Don’t worry, it’s ok to talk about yourself; job interviews are not typically the place to be extra modest, especially if one of your New Year resolutions is a new job.

3. Don’t be afraid to go out and hunt: You need to realize that the opportunities are not going to land in your lap and that job hunting is far from effortless. Be brave enough to reach out to the networks you have expanded, look at more than just online postings and be open to new opportunities. If you are actively engaged in the job hunting process and have prepared well, your New Year resolutions could very well become reality.

The tips that we have introduced throughout this New Year blog post series are only a few that could help turn your resolutions into realities. Did you know that staffing agencies can help you find your dream job in the New Year? If you are looking for a quality staffing solution call Josephine’s Professional Staffing, today!

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