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New Year Resolutions – Tips for Job Hunting in 2014

December 17th, 2013
How will you celebrate the New Year?

How will you celebrate the New Year?

The New Year is upon us and it is seen by many as a fresh start, a clean slate and an opportunity for change. In this two part blog post series, we introduce a handful of ways that any job hunter with New Year resolutions can prepare to turn those resolutions into realities. Today we delve in the first three tips.

They are:

1.   Write down your goals: Goal setting is an essential aspect of any job hunting effort. Just as if you are making your list of New Year resolutions for your personal life, be specific and detailed about these professional priorities. 

2.  Make yourself a road map: You have written down those New Year resolutions and given yourself a list of professional goals for the year, but what now? That’s easy: give these goals a direction by setting up a plan of action for your job hunting efforts. This road map of sorts is a realistic way to give you and you goals traction. You have put your goals on paper, now it is time to put deadlines into your plan and begin working out a strategy for outreach. Will you search job sites, go to networking events or work with staffing agencies like JPS? These are all things to think about.

3.  Don’t wait: Just because it is one of your New Year resolutions, doesn’t mean you have to wait for the New Year to begin preparing for your job hunting endeavors. Take a look at your strengths, figure out what challenges you have and in the slower times throughout the holiday season, figure out how to use both your strengths and weaknesses to your favor in your future job hunting efforts. You don’t need to wait for the New Year to start working on your New Year resolutions. In fact, many job seekers take a break from searching for positions this time of year, so your chances of connecting with a potential employer may be greater.

Today, we touched the tip of the iceberg, be sure to check back next week and we uncover more tips for finding job hunting success in 2014.

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