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Worker’s Compensation – Myths, Facts and FAQ’s (Part Four)

January 28th, 2014
What are your questions?

What are your questions?

In the previous installments of our worker’s compensation blog post series, we introduced basic factscommon myths and a few frequently asked questions. Today, we wrap up our series with a few final facts and answers to more frequently asked worker’s compensation related questions.

Will my employer take a portion of my earnings to cover the costs of worker’s compensation insurance? Absolutely not! In fact, worker’s compensation is required by law and is an essential requisite of business. For this reason, it is the responsibility of your employer to include this in their own business related expenses.

What happens if I have a work related injury but my employer is uninsured?  If you suffer an injury or illness that is work related and your employer has made the highly illegal decision to omit worker’s compensation insurance from their business, they must pay your medical bills and associated expenses in full out of pocket. Additionally, the lack of worker’s compensation insurance will not only cost them a pretty penny if injury occurs, it could include hefty penalties or even incarceration.

What channels do I go through in order to file a report in regards to my employer being uninsured? As previously mentioned, a lack of worker’s compensation insurance is punishable by law and reports of any wrongdoing can be filed at any local office of the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement.

While injury or illness at work may rear its ugly face occasionally, the best form of prevention is preparation. Be sure to equip yourself with a general knowledge and understanding of your rights and responsibilities as an employee, as well as those of your employer, in order to properly anticipate any worker’s compensation situations and claims in the future.

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