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Worker’s Compensation – Myths, Facts and FAQ’s (Part One)

January 7th, 2014
Do you understand worker's compensation claims?

Do you understand worker’s compensation claims?

Worker’s compensation is one of the most misunderstood aspects of employment and here at JPS Inc. we understand how confusing the concepts can be for an employee. In this blog post series, we identify facts, myths and frequently asked questions commonly associated with worker’s compensation. Today, we begin by introducing four facts that will be sure to help any employee get on the road to a better understanding of worker’s comp.

They are:

1. Worker’s compensation includes more than the simple payment of medical related expenses: This comes as a surprise to many, but is the truth nonetheless. Regardless of the degree of injury, you may require special care, extended periods of rest, rehabilitation attention or even a lessened work load upon returning to the office. Worker’s compensation typically includes payment for all required care and time lost due to injury or illness. This includes medical bills for hospital stays, therapy, pre-injury salary payment and a transitional work assignment if the employee’s typical position is not a feasible option upon the time of return to work.

2. Injuries developed over time may not be covered by worker’s compensation: It is not unheard of for long term discomforts to turn into bigger issues after working years in the same position. You commonly hear of dental professionals or bakers developing carpel tunnel syndrome due to the amount of work they do with their wrists and hands. While the correlation of this developed condition can be linked to their job, some conditions can be hard to tie directly to the workplace, thus creating difficultly for on the job employee injury claims. For example, mental health that could be linked to your home life, heart health that could be linked to family history and lifestyle or bone pain caused by personal interests/hobbies etc.

3. There are two kinds of workplace injury that can be covered by worker’s compensation: The most commonly known and covered claim is a work related or in the workplace accident. This accident could have caused injury, illness or even death, all of which are typically covered. The second type of personal distress that is covered includes workplace injury or illness that occurs over time in direct relation to the everyday duties of the job. We mentioned earlier a correlation between carpel tunnel and dental professionals, this type of condition can directly be linked to the workplace and for that reason, would be covered under the worker’s compensation umbrella.

4. It doesn’t matter who causes a work related injury: Workplace injury or illness that was legitimately caused by daily work activities or accidents are covered with the full compensation benefits regardless of who caused the injury or illness to occur.

Be sure to check back next week as we uncover common myths associated with worker’s compensation. You won’t want to miss it!

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