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Workplace Safety Tips – Protecting You & Your Coworkers

February 4th, 2014

safetyIn our previous blog series, we introduced the concept of worker’s compensation and all that comes with it. Today, we dive deeper into the issue of workplace safety and offer a few tips for creating a safer work environment. Did you know that work related injuries are just as common in a desk-based office setting as they are in a labor-based workplace? These simple workplace safety tips will help you, your employees and your coworkers better prevent injury and will aid in the creation of a safe and cohesive work environment.

There are three common types of injuries that occur frequently in an office setting: ergonomic injuries, trips & falls and accidental impact injuries, all of which are preventable.

Here are three workplace safety tips to consider:

1.      Ergonomic injuries: Ergonomic injuries generally occur over time, and while they may not seem to have an immediate impact on what most consider “workplace safety” protocols, they can be just as debilitating as a fall or impact injury.  Adjustable office equipment will help ensure ergonomic safety among you and your coworkers. If your employer doesn’t already provide this, consider making a special request. While ergonomically sound equipment like chairs, stands or keyboards can be expensive, they are the more cost effective option as opposed to the tens of thousands of dollars that would likely result from an injury claim.

2.     Trips & falls: Tripping and falling seems to be a normal part of life; everyone has experienced it before, but that doesn’t mean it should happen on a regular basis. Preventing trips and falls among you and your coworkers comes down to common sense around the office.  Be sure to keep wires and cords untangled and away from walkways to prevent tripping. Also, keep in mind that falls occur most often when climbing atop an unstable surface. If you need to step up, use a ladder or step stool and always avoid unreliable surfaces like cushioned or swiveled office chairs.

3.     Accidental impact/contact injuries: These injuries are often caused by contact with objects that are not properly stored. This includes open drawers or doors or falling contents from shelves or storage units. This form of injury, just like many others, can be prevented by taking simple workplace safety precautions. Try taking the time to ensure that all your desk drawers are closed. Not only could running into an open drawer cause a loud and painful crash, an extended drawer could cause a weight imbalance that could tip over a file cabinet causing more extensive injury. Additionally, remember that the way items are stacked could cause items to fall from shelves or onto the bodies of your coworkers.

Keep these workplace safety tips in mind when evaluating safety in your own office environment and remember that most work related injuries are preventable.

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