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Respect Among Coworkers – Three Tips for a New Workplace

March 11th, 2014
How will you gain respect at work?

How will you gain respect at work?

So you have just landed a brand new job, one with new coworkers in a new office space with a new office culture and new norms to adapt to. We understand just how intimidating this feat can be and truly understand the importance of making a smooth transition into the new company’s climate. In this blog post, we introduce three simple tips and tricks for any office newbie hoping to garner the respect of their new coworkers.

Three Tips for Earning Respect:

Don’t be afraid to show your smarts: When coming into a fresh work environment, adapting is essential but adaptation is not synonymous with silence. Don’t be afraid to show your new coworkers why you were hired and what you can bring to their team. Don’t let the fear of failure or rejection keep you from sharing ideas that could potentially benefit the company as a whole. Remember, you were hired for a reason and that reason is the betterment of the organization.

Build up a highway of communication: It is essential to keep in mind that communication is a two way street and you can’t expect coworkers to always come to you. Be willing to work on your professional relationships in any way you can. Offer to help others when you have time, be cognoscente of the ideas and passions of fellow employees and have an understanding of what it means to be a team member in your new environment.

Realize that you won’t be the newbie forever, but you won’t be a veteran right away: A workplace is a cohesive machine and when a new cog is thrown into that machine, changes happen and they don’t always go smoothly at first. Keep this in mind when you are making your transition into the new environment. Change won’t happen overnight and you may or may not be welcomed with open arms by all, but understanding that it will take time to earn the respect of your coworkers will surely help you endure the transition as it progresses.

Earning the respect of coworkers in a new environment is tough. It is a long and unpredictable process, but the outcome is well worth the patience and endurance that you will undoubtedly put into action throughout your transition. Good luck!

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