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Job Interview: 5 Questions to Ask the Interviewer

April 22nd, 2014

Preparing for a job interview can be scary.

Every question that an interviewer could ask goes through your head as you try to come up with a clever answer that will surely make you stand out from the rest. While the correct preparation is extremely important and incredibly helpful, many interviewees fail to snag the job due to their lack of questioning of the interviewer. A job interview doesn’t have to be a one-sided Q&A from a coffee-addicted executive team. Instead, make the interview a conversation between an employer and potential employee, with the job candidate finding out what they need to succeed.

Are you asking the right questions?

Are you asking the right questions?

To prepare for your next job interview, be prepared to ask these five questions.

5 Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

1. What is the company culture like? 

While it is important for a potential employee to have the right skill set for the job, it’s more imperative that they fit into the company culture. Not every business is going to have a Facebook or Google-like atmosphere that is full of interaction, creativity and free food. Find out what the executive structure is like, if people thrive off of teamwork or if it’s expected for you to come to work, do your job, and go home. Having the right personality for a job can make or break your chance of being chosen.

2. If I were to start tomorrow, what would be at the top of my priority list? 

Your interviewer is going to love this question, and the answer will give you a better idea of where the company is right now in their current goal plan. Plus, this question puts you in a place where the interviewer has to actually picture you in that position.

3. Is there anything missing from my resume? 

In a job interview, you want to be at your best, and asking if something is missing puts you in a vulnerable position. While that may be tough, it enables you to defend your knowledge and skills that you might have forgotten to mention.

4. Do you like working here? 

Do you really want to work for a company where everyone hates their job? The answer to this question will be very telling; does the interviewer smile and enthusiastically say “Yes!” or does he hesitate and throw out the common, “It’s a job” answer? This also turns the interview into a conversation rather than an interrogation.

5. What are your hesitations, if any, of hiring me right now? 

Prepare to see the interviewer to be completely thrown off. This puts them in a place where they have to answer honestly and also gives you the chance to sell yourself if there are any hesitations.

Everyone is capable of snagging a job in their dream career; they just have to be ready for it. Have you seen success with other questions for the interviewer? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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