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Leadership in Management Series, Part II: Team Building

May 27th, 2014

We began our leadership in management series last week by introducing three skills that every manager should have. This week, we continue the lessons in leadership, particularly in the area of team building.

As any good manager would know, leadership is about coaching a team to work together and produce results that take the leader out of the spotlight. As Sam Walton says, “Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.”  leadership

4 Leadership Skills to Create Successful Team Building

1. Be a developer, not a fixer.

It is not a leader’s job to fix anyone. Instead, use leadership as a way to develop and facilitate the learning process of the individuals on the team. Identify the team’s strongest assets and place members in those positions they are most fit for. Sure, it may take some coaching and patience, but it is the manager’s job to propel an individual forward and let them discover their talents. It is the development that will most prove how strong the team is.

2. Clearly define expectations and responsibilities. 

Once a manager has discovered the talents of the team, as well as what makes them tick, a leader should lay out a clear plan of who will fill which role and what their responsibility will be. Part of team building is literally building that team so that they are all interconnected and dependent upon one another. A leader has failed if he has a team of outstanding individuals who don’t mesh together at all. A great team will be a powerful united force.

3. Let go. 

Last week we mentioned that leaders must leave their ego at the door. This also includes being able to relinquish control without losing respect from the team. In order for the team to succeed they should have enough freedom and empowerment to take full ownership of the project while still being aware of their boundaries. While it should remain clear that the leader is very much the authority, the team should feel accountable to each other equally as much as they feel responsible to their manager.

4. Provide incentives. 

What is the ultimate goal of the project, and what will the team receive for being successful? Maybe it’s a bonus, a paid day off or a little more flexibility in their work schedule. Each member of the team will be motivated slightly differently so it’s important to adjust the reward accordingly. If a leader recognizes team members based off of their personalities and individual desires, than that manager will earn the respect and genuine appreciation they deserve.

Team building is a tough task when bringing together a team of individuals. What skills have you found to be successful when building a strong team?

Be sure to check in next week for our final part of the leadership in management series!


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