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Leadership Skills Management, Part III: Being the “Bad Guy”

June 3rd, 2014

If you’ve followed our leadership skills series, we hope that you’ve been able to transform your management approach to become an effective leader in your work place, and also in everyday life. In the final part of our leadership skills management series, we take a look at leadership at its most difficult points.

Unfortunately, being in a management role isn’t easy. Sometimes, you have to do the thing that’s best for the team, even when it comes with some harsh looks.

1. Decision Makingmanagement

While you may have the best view from sitting on the fence, a lack of decision making skills won’t score you any points in the management department. Teams need someone who will push for results and make the decisions necessary to reach success. “This skill enables the manager to anticipate problems before they arise and prompts him/her to gather information from multiple sources, evaluate the entire situation in consultation with his/her team mates and then make a sound decision,” says Gabby Bugwadia in her article, Ten Skills Every Manager Should Possess. If you procrastinate and constantly try to please everyone, you will not complete a project. As you develop your leadership skills, you will discover that the decisions you make will not always be the right ones, and that’s okay, it’s a learning process. 

2. Finance

It may seem like the finance department will take care of it all, but that’s simply not true. A great leader understands the financial aspects of the project and makes cuts where necessary to reach success. Stay a step ahead and save your finance department the headache later.

3. Delegation 

This is one of those leadership skills that many managers forget to truly practice. Delegating does not mean simply telling people what to do; a manager must learn to let go and delegate tasks to those who will be strongest at performing them. It can be easy for a manager to turn on the control button and simply want to do everything themselves. Trust your team and delegate tasks accordingly.

What other leadership skills do you think are necessary to be a successful manager?

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