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Bad Boss Series, Part 1: 10 Personality Traits of a Great Boss

July 1st, 2014

No one in a leadership position steps into an office and thinks, “I’m going to be a really terrible boss.” In fact, most of the time, leaders start out with great intentions to improve overall management and build a strong team. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always go as planned and frustration, miscommunication and unmet expectations turn good intentions into a “bad boss” reputation.

The truth is that being a great boss requires some strong personality traits. While everyone certainly has their own unique personality, it’s critical to adopt some new traits that will help you become a boss that shows excellent leadership and management skills. Watch your head

10 Personality Traits of a Great Boss 

1. Honesty 

No one appreciates being lied to, especially by someone they look up to or who is in a leadership position. Be honest with your employees, even if the truth stings a bit.

2. Positive Thinking 

A lot of bosses have the tendency to think negatively and be pessimistic about the details. That method of leadership only leads to a negative atmosphere where fear is the driving force. Use the power of positive psychology to create a cheerful atmosphere.

3. Inspirational 

All employees need inspiration. Be that inspirational leader that encourages them to push past their limits and execute their passions.

4. Delegation 

You know when to leave your employees alone. Don’t be tempted by micromanagement.

5. Balanced 

It’s important to have a great work and life balance. Maintain one for yourself and allow employees to do the same.

6. Humble 

As a manager, you are there to help your team succeed. Give credit where credit is due and step out of the spotlight. 

7. Mentor/Coach 

The word “boss” rarely carries a great connotation. Adopt a mentor/coach persona instead.

8. Financially Savvy 

If a boss understand money and finances, then they will be able to better serve their team in the budgeting department.

9. Fair 

A great boss is incredibly fair. Stay away from picking favorites, it will only demoralize the team.

10. Great Communicator 

Every boss needs to be extremely good at communicating with their team. Check in with employees every once and while to see if they have questions or concerns and be sure to delegate communication between teams so that everyone is on the same page.

What other personality traits can you think of that are necessary to be a great boss?

Be sure to check in next week as we continue our Bad Bosses series with different ways to become a better boss.

Photo Credit: Kenny Loule

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