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Job Interview: 5 Steps to Hire the Best Candidate

July 15th, 2014

Nothing is more discouraging in a job interview than to be judged and deemed “unfit” for the job minutes into the discussion. When it comes to interviewing strangers, the “incompetent until proven worthy” system leaves little wiggle room for top talent that isn’t getting the chance to show their skills. Instead, mediocre employees with namedrop-worthy networks land the job simply because they know people.

So how do you level the playing fielddvsd

Instead of a, “Tell me what your weaknesses are,” approach, try your next job interview using performance as a base and a detailed job description as your guide to hire true talent.

5 Steps to Hire Top Talent 

1. Make a proper introduction. 

The purpose of this introduction is to take control of the job interview and find out what the candidate’s true motivation is for finding a different job. The “why” is more important than the “what” here because you have to be able to see the potential as well as the demonstrated ability to live up to that concept. Give a quick overview of the job, and then ask the candidate to respond with a quick overview of their skills that are relevant to specific requirements of the job. 

2. Seek out an achiever pattern. 

Really dive into the candidate’s work history. Was it a smart move to change jobs? Did they reach the maximum amount of growth before moving on? Were they consistently challenged, given more responsibility and promoted? These specific achievements will let you know if a candidate continually seeks improvement or if they just want something to pay the bills.

3. Ask a problem-solving question. 

If you’re going to hire someone, it’s important to know how they would handle various job-related situations. While the answer will be important, it’s critical that the candidate gives a detailed process about how they would go about solving the problem. If a potential hire can visualize a solution before implementing it, you’ve got a strong problem-solver and potential employee.

4. Give the candidate time to ask questions. 

Spontaneous questions asked after the job is clearly laid out are excellent indicators of interest and ability.

5. Measure first impressions again. 

Break the rules and give the candidate a second chance at a first impression. When the candidate has left, think about how your impression might have changed over the course of the interview. Were they better or worse than you originally thought?

A job interview is always tough, but it’s always worth the trouble if you find an outstanding candidate. What other job interview tips would you share? Add them in the comments below!

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