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HR Trends for 2015

August 19th, 2014

Human resources is a constantly changing, ever-evolving field.  I know it’s August but that doesn’t mean we can’t look ahead to 2015.  The New Year will bring with it new ideas.  Let’s take a look at the five biggest HR trends for the coming year.

1.  Making Data Personal

At its core, HR is the practice of understanding and helping people.  Data plays a major role in hiring new employees but numbers don’t tell a story.  HR professionals are learning to combine their analytic tools with a more nuanced understanding of each employee.  This interplay builds a stronger, more community-oriented workplace where every individual feels valued. data HR

2.  Generational Diversity

HR has been leading the way in creating a diverse workforce.  However, the knowledge gap between younger and older employees is still an issue.  One of the more interesting trends is reverse mentoring whereby a younger employees helps an older one learn new technologies.  

3.  The Cloud

Cloud computing is quickly moving from trend to standard practice.  The cloud is often cheaper and easier to use than traditional storage systems.  Information is easy to access and can be customized to fit each user.

4.  Video Killed the Meeting

Video is similar to the cloud in that expands access.  Companies have been using video for meetings and training purposes for a long time.  The latest HR trend involves video interviews for prospective employees.  This process saves both time and money.

5. Practicing Sustainability

This is another one of those areas in which HR has been a leader.  The whole idea behind sustainability is to reduce inefficiencies and save resources with the goal of streamlining output.  Well, the new trend is no different.  HR managers are devising ways to reduce employee fatigue.  Some companies are offering breaks for mindful meditation in an effort to help employees reduce stress or simply work better.

There you have it, the five HR trends to look for in the coming year.  How well will they work?  We probably won’t know until 2016.


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