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4 Steps to Professional Networking

October 28th, 2014

Professional networking is a great way to increase your personal visibility and showcase your potential in the business world. Individuals who link themselves together into a vast social network of professional contacts are usually the ones who get better jobs more quickly. How can you form these connections and how do you start to take advantage of professional networking?

The contacts you meet in your field today will serve as the basis for your professional networking efforts in the future. Knowing and cultivating relationships with the right people can make all the difference when you’re planning your next step up the corporate ladder. Here are 4 networking tips you can take to network effectively and grow your list of professional contacts.

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4 Steps to Professional Networking

  1. Build your List

Start by creating a list of people who you already have connections with. List everyone including old colleagues, professors and friends. Each one of these contacts is valuable to your professional network because they will all likely have different goals and career paths they can help lead you toward.

  1. Keep Lines of Communication Open

Stay in touch with the people on your list! They want to hear how your career is going as much as you’re interested in theirs. By keeping in regular contact with your professional network, you will find things you share in common that can lead to valuable job opportunities.

  1. Don’t Burn Any Bridges

As much as you may want to leave behind all of the relationships you make at a job you’re no longer at, this can be a detrimental mistake. Your professional field may be smaller than you think so you’ll want to think twice before you speak; don’t say anything that will ruin your future chances at a career. Follow professional etiquette and give two weeks notice before you leave a job; you’ll thank yourself later.

  1. Reciprocate

As you climb up the ladder of success, you will find that you become a mentor to others. Be prepared to give them networking tips, to show them the same professional courtesy as your network showed you and be ready to help your colleagues and interns grow their own career.

Effective networking is one of the best ways to expand your potential and drive your career, forever! Were these professional networking tips helpful? Contact Josephine’s Professional Staffing today if you’d like additional advice; we’d love to help!


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