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3 Things to Do After Getting Fired

December 30th, 2014

3 Things to Do After Getting Fired

In our last post, we talked about signs you may be getting fired. If you’ve just had the conversation with your manager and have lost your job, you may feel deflated and out of hope. Don’t let it get you down! You can use this time as an opportunity to sharpen your skills and advance your career. Here are 3 things to do to help you pick up the pieces after getting fired.


Photo Courtesy of: Sean MacEntee

3 Things to Do After Getting Fired

  1. Handle Yourself With Grace

Don’t send out a blast on Twitter about your outrage over getting fired. It may be tempting to say negative things about your managers or spill your guts about questionable activities in your old workplace, but remember that your online presence sticks forever. You don’t want future employers seeing your negativity and brand you as a tattletale. Remain calm and neutral about your termination – publicly at least.

  1. Stay in Town

Even if you’ve been granted a severance package, resist the urge to take a long and paid vacation. Your future employers may ask you what you did during the time you were unemployed and you want to be prepared with an answer describing how you learned a new skill, not about your wild trip to the Caribbean.

  1. Take a Breath

Getting fired is scary and you’ll want to start securing another paycheck as soon as possible. While you shouldn’t wait weeks to apply to new jobs, it’s okay to take time to calm yourself before sending out resumes. You don’t want to appear desperate or shaken up to your next employer, so do what you need to do to get your ducks in a row and gain your confidence back.

Whether you saw the signs you are about to be fired or not, the reality is you’re out of a job. Polishing your resume and beginning to job hunt is the only way to get yourself back on the right track. Don’t get discouraged and remember to take advantage of your resources. For help with job placement, interview skills or career networking, contact Josephine’s Professional Staffing today.


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Photo Courtesy of: Sean MacEntee

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