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Signs You Are About to be Fired: 4 Questions to Ask

December 23rd, 2014

Workers rarely see termination coming and are usually surprised when they find out they are getting fired. Are you worried recent staffing changes have placed you next on the chopping block? Here are 4 questions to ask yourself. If you can answer yes to these questions, you may be in danger of getting fired. Preparing yourself properly can help you open communication with your superiors and possibly save your job.

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Are You Getting Fired? 4 Questions to Ask


  1. Are people avoiding you?

Your boss is only human. Firing an employee is an awkward and uncomfortable experience for everyone involved. Likely, your managers don’t have anything personal against you and hate to hurt your feelings. If your superiors begin to avoid you at work, it could be a sign you need to start job hunting.


  1. Are you being left behind?

When you begin to feel out of the loop on the latest project or you aren’t sure what co-workers are working on, you may be getting fired. When your boss and managers start preparing to continue business without you, start polishing your resume.


  1. Have you been asked to create a list of your essential job duties or tasks?

If your boss comes to you and asks you to document your responsibilities and current major projects, this is one of the signs you are about to be fired. Nobody knows better than you what you’re working on, and if they are trying to find out it may be because they are preparing to give the tasks to someone else.


  1. Is feedback on your work appearing in writing?

If your boss, who used to give you candid feedback in person, is now emailing you all communications and critiques, this may be one of the signs you are about to be fired. Sometimes managers will distance themselves from the employee getting fired by communicating electronically. This also benefits HR and upper management by documenting all instances leading up to your termination.


Have you noticed any of these signs in your workplace? Consider speaking with your managers about issues at hand to try to find a solution.


Look out for our next post on 3 Things to Do After Getting Fired for advice on job hunting and your career search.


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