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Fostering Employee Engagement in Your Company: 4 Tips

January 27th, 2015

Do your employees come to work because they have to, or do they seem interested to be there? Engaged employees see their workplace as more than a place to sit for 8+ hours a day: They see their workplace as an area to communicate and foster relationships. There are many ways to push employee engagement without monetary incentives. Here are 4 tips for encouraging your employees to be more engaged in their work.

Photo Courtesy of: MSLGROUP Global

Photo Courtesy of: MSLGROUP Global

Encouraging Employee Engagement: 4 Tips         

  1. Strategize

Fostering engagement of employees should be part of your business’ management strategy. Focus on finding quality, interested employees and then work on creating an environment that is positive and productive. Engaging your employees is an ongoing process and you should continually revamp your strategy to keep up to date and people-friendly.

  1. Encourage Friendships

Fifty percent of employees who said they have a best friend at work said that they felt strongly connected and more loyal toward their company. Allowing employees to have lighthearted conversations with co-workers (within reason) while at work will increase morale and foster more engaged and productive employees.

  1. Recognize Your Employees

Recognition is a great way to encourage the engagement of employees. Simple praise for a job well done, or recognizing years of service to the company, remind employees that they are valued and appreciated.

  1. Review Employees Holistically

In companies where employee engagement is low, many times this is due to a poor review process. Yearly reviews may have fallen by the wayside due to management turnover or poor HR oversight. Reviewing your employees shouldn’t only be reserved for criticism. A holistic performance review, held at least yearly, is a good way to engage your employees and get to know their strengths. Include personal development questions on a performance review and get them talking about new ideas they may have for the company.

Employees who are engaged in their work and fully present throughout the day are more likely to stay productive and loyal to their company. For more tips on fostering a healthy working environment, visit Josephine’s Professional Staffing’s blog today.



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