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How to Motivate Employees in 2015: 4 Tips

January 13th, 2015

Motivating employees is one of the best ways to ensure their loyalty and productivity. Employees who feel valued are more dedicated to their companies and are easier to manage. Many bosses aren’t sure how to motivate their employees without using monetary incentives. Finding motivational strategies on a daily basis that are not based on financial bonuses can be tough for employers. Here is some advice for motivating employees in 2015.


Photo Courtesy of: faungg’s photo

Photo Courtesy of: faungg’s photo

How to Motivate Employees in 2015

  1. Pay Attention

Knowing and understanding what excites your employees will help you manage them better. Do they react positively when you give them praise for their work? Use this to your advantage and motivate them that way. Employees who feel appreciated are ones who feel like their boss pays attention to them.

  1. Be Accessible

Even though you’re busy, it’s important to make time for your employees. Be accessible to them so they can voice concerns or make suggestions. Consider having an open door policy so your employees know you value their opinions and don’t feel shut out.

  1. Get on Their Level

People work best when they feel like they’re part of a successful team. By leveling with your employees and not focusing on the hierarchy in your office, they will feel more motivated to succeed.

  1. Ask Questions

Many times superiors only give orders to their employees instead of asking them questions. There are certain times you need to lay down the law, but sometimes ideas flow better when the team works collectively. Consider asking your employees their opinion or invite them to participate in a brainstorm. Placing value on many diverse ideas is a great way to motivate the people in your office.

Can you think of any other ways for motivating employees in 2015? For more tips for employers, visit the Josephine’s Professional Staffing blog today.


Photo Courtesy of: faungg’s photo


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