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3 Ways to Measure Employee Engagement

February 24th, 2015

We talk frequently about employee engagement and how to foster it in your company. Having employees who are committed both intellectually and emotionally can have a huge impact on work culture and productivity. How do you measure the result once you’re taking the right steps toward fostering employee engagement? Here are 3 ways to measure commitment in your company.

How do you measure employee engagement in your company?

How do you measure employee engagement in your company?

3 Ways to Measure Employee Engagement

The following are known to impact employee engagement and can influence the level of commitment an employee feels to their company:

  1. Time Employees Spend With A Manager

Having a one-on-one meeting with a manager can increase an employee’s commitment and the perception that their voice counts. Document how long each employee spends conversing with their manager; an increase in face-time is likely to translate into an increase in employee engagement.

  1. Who They Interact With

Has someone on your team been in the same job position for as long as you can remember? Is an employee jumping between assignments and cycling through work friend groups? Too much change (or too little) can affect an employee’s commitment to the company. No change can signal boredom and a stale career path, while too much change can confuse people, making them feel detached.

  1. How Long They Spend In Meetings

Meetings with more than 20 people can make workers less productive and more detached. Create a schedule that allows employees to have adequate time to work on projects without interrupting them with meetings.

Survey results from Gallup indicate companies with high levels of employee engagement are 20 percent more profitable and productive. Totaling time employees spend with their manager, knowing if they’re in danger of job stagnation or confusion and calculating how much time is spent in meetings are all ways to measure the commitment of your employees to determine if efforts are working. Contact your team at Josephine’s Professional Staffing if you have any questions. For more staffing and employment tips, read additional articles on our blog today.


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