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Employee Morale: 4 Ways to Find Happiness at Work

March 31st, 2015

It can be hard to maintain a healthy and happy work atmosphere for all. When employee morale is high, productivity and motivation also increase. More than 87 percent of Americans are satisfied with their job, but how do managers go the extra mile and maintain happiness in the workplace year-round? Here are 4 ways to keep workers happy and excited about their jobs.

11123538363_07bb05134a_z4 Ways to Maintain Happiness in the Workplace

  1. Make Excuses for Fun

Incorporating fun into the office is important for employee morale. Gamification has become a strong method for adding excitement and helping to build team and problem-solving skills. You can also add simple incentives like Casual Friday to let employees relax and feel more at ease.

  1. Remove Strict Policies and Obstacles

Some HR policies such as placing limits on employee sick days may have an adverse effect on employee morale. When ill workers feel pressure to come to work, it negatively impacts the happiness of the entire office. Trust your employees not to take advantage of flexibility and they will become more motivated. Removing strict and unforgiving policies and obstacles shows your workers you value them as people, not as robots.

  1. Offer Flexibility

You don’t have to offer raises or monetary incentives to keep your workers happy; most are motivated simply by flexibility and a having better work/life balance. Offering some allotted flex time or allowing an employee to work from home can boost morale and increase productivity.

  1. Offer Free Time

Offering time for workers to check personal emails or make a phone call isn’t accepted in most offices, but a few managers are trying this tactic to increase employee morale. When your team has time to take care of themselves, they will be less distracted throughout the day and feel a stronger connection to their job.

Finding ways to have fun at work, removing harsh policies, offering flexibility for top-performing employees and offering some freedom for personal work can all increase your employees’ morale and help you maintain a high level of happiness in your workplace.

Do you have any other tips for keeping your team happy? Please share in the comments below.


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