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Employee Development: 3 Best Training Activities

April 14th, 2015

Employee development is important for keeping a productive and engaged team, but learning and advancement opportunities aren’t usually offered to many American workers. Managers and HR reps frequently feel pushed to find low-cost, effective employee development activities that will benefit the team and the individual. Here are the 3 best training activities to try in your office.

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Are you using training activities to develop your team’s skills?

3 Best Training Activities for Employee Development

  1. Employee Mentoring Opportunities

There are two types of mentorship programs, with formal or informal mentors. Formal mentorships usually pair two employees with complementing job skills or specialized areas of expertise and informal partners usually seek each other out with the desire to learn a new skill. While many mentorship programs begin with training a newly hired employee, it’s important to continue the process with all levels of workers to keep a cohesive work culture and encourage continued learning.

  1. Off-Site Coaching Opportunities

Offering a training session by another coach in the industry may be a valuable opportunity for employee development. An outside expert can help your team learn new skills and bring a fresh look to your company and its current challenges. Off-site training also excites your workers, providing a break from the regular routine.

  1. New Technology Training

If you’re thinking about upgrading technological systems at your company, it’s important to train your workers on the new platforms. Before installing the technology, host tech training opportunities for all workers, not just the ones on the new system. It’s important your whole company is up-to-date and you include the team in general training.

Providing continued employee mentoring, investing in off-site coaching or offering lessons on new technology are all great training activities that will benefit individual employee development. Investing in learning opportunities for your team members will help them perform their jobs better, be more present at work and help your business succeed. For more tips on keeping your team happy, read additional articles on our blog today.


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