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Improving Communication [3 Benefits of Walking Meetings]

May 26th, 2015

If you’re looking for new ways of improving communication in your office by getting creative with your meetings and strategy sessions, consider holding walking meetings. There are many benefits of getting up and moving and it could have a huge effect on the morale of your team. Lots of companies are making the switch to reap the many benefits of movement. Here are 3 upsides of holding walking meetings.

8312002042_6c620f29ed_zImproving Communication [3 Benefits of Walking Meetings]

  1. Keep Your Office Healthier

By holding walking meetings, you encourage your team to get up and moving throughout the day, leading to a healthier office culture. Improving workplace wellbeing is a great investment that will help save money in healthcare costs and reduce office absenteeism.

  1. Improve Workplace Comfort

Increasing the comfort of your employees is a great tactic for improving communication at work. Walking meetings are a great way to loosen up and get your blood pumping during the day. When workers feel at ease, they are more likely to share goals and concerns with management.

  1. Re-Energize Your Staff

Sometimes stale routines and boredom can cause disengagement and low morale; even Ancient Greek philosophers taught their students outside. Holding walking meetings is an easy way to shake up the work day and re-energize your staff. Studies show walking can increase creativity and energy levels, so afternoon meetings can easily become the new cup of coffee.

Keeping a healthier office culture, improving workplace comfort and giving workers a boost of energy are all benefits of walking that will aid in improving communication around your office. JPS always strives to help every employer and job seeker succeed in the office; for more tips on keeping happy at work, read additional articles on our blog today.

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