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[3 Job Search Tips] How to Follow Up After an Interview

June 10th, 2015

This post shares job search tips for following up after an interview. Getting in front of a hiring manager is tricky enough for some competitive positions, but do you know what to do after the meeting? Here are 3 tips for keeping your name at the top of the list after an interview to help improve your chances of getting the job.

jps followup[3 Job Search Tips] How to Follow Up After an Interview

  1. Remind Them of Your Interest

One of the best job search tips is knowing what to do after an interview. Follow ups are important after a face-to-face meeting to show you are an engaged and committed individual; a thoughtful note can make all the difference in a candidate’s hiring potential. Interviewers are very busy so a well-timed follow up can help remind them of your interest and keep you on their radar.

  1. Don’t Follow Up Too Much

Sometimes candidates become impatient and follow up too often after an interview. To avoid being too aggressive, ask when they expect to make a decision. Experts suggest sending a polite email or handwritten note after the interview then following up shortly after the time they anticipated making a decision if you haven’t already heard back.

  1. Remember the Hiring Manager is Human

It’s tempting to shoot off a stock email thanking the hiring manager for their time, but it’s important to remember the interviewer is a human who you could work with in the future. Try to remember something you bonded over in the interview (like a love of dogs) and mention it if possible. Likely the manager was trying to judge how well you’d fit in with the company and showing you are personable and thoughtful can go a long way.

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