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4 Alternatives to Staff Meetings for Improving Communication

June 16th, 2015

For managers looking for ways of improving communication in the workplace, it may be beneficial to consider alternatives to staff meetings. Many employees see meetings as time-wasters and as an intrusion in their work day; it’s easy for groups to get derailed or go off-topic. Here are 4 alternatives to meetings that your employees may enjoy.

31875856_l4 Alternatives to Staff Meetings [Improving Communication]

  1. Team Huddles or Check-Ins

Before the start of each workday, hold a team huddle or check-in to reinforce company values and give an overview of the action plan for the day. This technique is used by companies that have large numbers of employees or those with vastly different job requirements. This makes the whole team feel included and helps to keep everyone motivated from the start of the day. Want to make them extra effective? Hold huddles standing or walking, rather than sitting.

  1. Video-Chats

If your team is spread out geographically or frequently on the road, consider holding your meetings via video chat rather than in person. If you have a team with opposite schedules, a group chat can be beneficial because anyone who misses the session can log in later to view the transcript.

  1. One-on-One Sessions

Consider replacing a typical conference room meeting with one-on-one sessions for each employee. You’ll be able to make a more meaningful connection with workers and ask more targeted questions about particular projects. Employees also value face-to-face time with their superiors, so it can raise their engagement and morale at your company.

  1. Use a Combination of Approaches

While one-on-ones and regular check-ins can be great for keeping tabs on individual employees, sometimes you’ll want to know how the group as a whole is functioning. Consider using a combination of these alternatives to staff meetings and regularly ask your team for feedback on the system or ways you could be improving communication.

Having a team huddle or check-in, holding a face-to-face meeting with each individual, using video chats for telecommuting employees or combining these approaches will all make a difference in improving communication in your office and keeping your employees engaged. Have you ever tried these ideas?

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