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4 Employee Appreciation Ideas for Summer

June 23rd, 2015

There’s no better way to show your employee appreciation by getting outdoors and enjoying some summer weather. In order to keep your team focused on work instead of running away to beach vacations, consider showing them some extra recognition to keep their morale high. Here are 4 great employee appreciation activities to take advantage of the sunshine.

jpssummer4 Employee Appreciation Ideas for Summer

  1. A Company Picnic

Hosting an annual company picnic is a great way to show employee appreciation. Including families and holding fun activities will make workers feel loyal to the company and excited to work there. As a bonus, use the event as an opportunity for team-building events or group sports games, and recognize workers who do well.

  1. Flex Time

Since your employees may have children home for the summer, a good way to show well-performing workers you appreciate them is to allow them some flex time. A few days a week or a flexible shift can make your team more engaged and motivated, and allow them more time with their families.

  1. Relaxed Dress Code

Since many people jet off on vacation during the summer, show the remaining workers some employee appreciation by relaxing the dress code. It gets hot in the summertime and a stiff suit can make your team uncomfortable and unproductive. Extend Casual Fridays to a few extra days and watch your team’s morale increase.

  1. Employee Lunch Break

An alternative to a company picnic, you could hold a long lunch for your team and have it catered by a local restaurant. Your workers will appreciate the extra social time and welcome the break from regular routines.

Holding a company picnic, offering flex time, relaxing the dress code or hosting a team lunch are all great ways to show your workers you care. What are your favorite ways to show employee appreciation during the summer months?


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