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[Reward Your Team] 3 Steps to Developing an Employee Recognition Program

June 9th, 2015

Regular employee recognition can mean the difference between having engaged employees and those ready to jump ship. Rewarding and singling out workers for a job well done can keep them motivated and productive, producing quality work for your company and committed to the team. Here are 3 steps to developing a solid employee recognition program.

recognition3 Steps to Developing an Employee Recognition Program

  1. Determine Your Goals

Before starting your employee recognition program, decide what your goals are for the outcome. There are many different reasons for creating a formal program to reward your team, with both short and long-term outcomes. Here are some examples:

  • Excite your workers about a new company-wide program or initiative.
  • Increase employee retention.
  • Raise team morale.
  • Encourage teamwork and creative thinking.
  • Increase employee engagement.

  1. Communicate and Decide on Leadership

Once you’ve determined your goal of the employee recognition program, you’ll need to communicate it clearly with your team. Introduce the system in a fun way, possibly connected to a teambuilding event or outdoor meeting where morale is already high. If you’ll be tasking a committee with picking and rewarding top talent, first determine who will be on the panel and what strengths they bring to the decision.

  1. Practice, Be Consistent and Measure Results

A successful employee recognition program not only allows all employees to be considered, but is consistent with rewarding the team. Using the program to regularly reward top-performing members is important because it allows workers to aim for a constant goal. While the program is still young, you can also hold check-ins with your employees to see how they feel about the new system.

Determining goals, communicating it clearly with your workers and being consistent with rewards are all simple steps to create an employee recognition program. For more advice on keeping your team happy at work, read additional articles on our blog or contact us today.

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