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4 Ways to Make the Most Out of Office Meetings

July 28th, 2015

Employers who hold regular office meetings will benefit from learning new and innovative ways to catch employees’ attention and keep them interested. Many workers have a negative perception of conference room gatherings and this can affect employee morale. Here are four ways to make the most out of your time, and theirs.

28863608_l4 Ways to Make the Most Out of Office Meetings

  1. Be Present

One of the easiest ways to derail an office meeting is by being distracted. Before you begin the meeting, make sure to take care of all important emails, text and phone calls. By showing your employees you are involved and present in the meeting, they will follow suit and feel like their time is valued.

  1. Be Organized

To avoid wasting time, make sure all talking points and materials for the office meeting are organized before you begin. It can be helpful to visit the meeting room beforehand and check all computer equipment, projectors and supplies are in working order.

  1. Have an Agenda

In addition to organizing yourself and your notes, keep all members of your team in the loop by having an agenda and distributing it before the meeting. It can be helpful to have others weigh in on the meeting plan and offer topics they’d like to discuss as well.

  1. Set Time Limits

Setting an end time for each meeting you schedule will help you effectively use the gathering in a productive way. Workers will be more likely to attend meetings with a positive attitude and engage with the team if they know when they expect to get back to regular business. When in doubt, keep it short.

If your staff gatherings are getting stale, consider exploring alternatives to traditional conference room gatherings. Being present, organized, setting an agenda and instituting time limits are all ways to get the most out of your office meetings. For more tips for employers, read additional articles on our blog today.

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