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[Job Search Tips] Ways to Avoid a Bad Hire

July 21st, 2015

This post shares job search tips for employers to avoid making a bad hire. Seeking a candidate and conducting a job interview take time and resources, so finding the right person for the position is important. After the interview and before you consider making a job offer, seriously ask yourself if the candidate is a good fit. Here are 3 ways you can avoid making a bad hire.

29122008_l[Job Search Tips] 3 Ways to Avoid a Bad Hire

  1. Don’t Rush the Hiring Process

Choosing a candidate because you’re desperate to fill a position is never a good idea. Rushing the process before fully determining if the worker will be a good fit is one of the most common job search mistakes. Avoiding a bad hire is best done by taking your time and weighing all personnel options.

  1. Create a Clear Job Description

Many times a candidate may become a bad hire because they are not well suited for the job at hand. An easy way to fix this is to create a comprehensive job description, distribute it when you post the opening, then go over it again at the interview to make sure the potential hire understands fully and has the opportunity to ask any necessary questions. If you have concerns about their performance on the job, checking references can shed light on the candidate’s work habits.

  1. Ask the Right Questions

During the hiring process, the interview is used to gauge a candidate beyond their resume and application. Asking tougher questions beyond a standard set is a great way to find out if the interviewee will fit with your company’s culture and work environment. Knowing what questions to ask can be tough and interviewing well is an art form; here are some great questions to start from.

Taking your time before making a hiring decision, using a clear job description and asking the right interview questions can all help with avoiding a bad hire. For more tips for employers conducting a job search, read additional articles on our blog today.


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