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4 Reasons to Hold a Company Picnic

August 18th, 2015

With tight budgets, many employers are foregoing traditional perks and incentive programs to save money. However, many events like a company picnic can be great investments into the happiness of your workers. Here are four reasons to recognize and reward your team by taking some time off in the warmer months to hold a company picnic.


4 Reasons to Hold a Company Picnic

  1. Encourage Team Building

A company picnic isn’t just a good way to release steam from the office, but also to encourage team building and strengthen relationships among workers. Set aside time during the event for relay races, sandcastle building competitions, strategy games or any other bonding activity.

  1. Recognize and Reward Your Team

Recognition is essential for keeping your strongest team members and frequent rewards help keep them incentivized to do good work. A company picnic is the perfect location for rewarding your employees; an easy way to do this is to give out awards to top team members during the festivities.

  1. Boost Work-Life Balance

Company picnics where workers are encouraged to bring their family members can help them feel more connected and involved at the company. Children love seeing where their parents work and being able to enjoy some light hearted fun in a family-friendly environment can increase your teams’ work-life balance perception, making them less likely to take sick days or unexcused absences.

  1. Say Thank You

How often do you thank your workers for a job well done? Research shows the simple act of saying, “thank you” is an easy way to increase your teams’ job performance and raise productivity at work. If you have a large office with lots of workers to thank, a company picnic is an easy way to knock them all out at once.

There are many reasons to invest in holding a company picnic; it’s a way to say thank you, help with work-life balance, reward your employees and encourage team building. When’s the last time you held a company event to show your appreciation to your team?


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