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[Employee Engagement] 5 Tips for Increasing Happiness on the Job

August 11th, 2015

Focusing on the happiness of your team at work is an essential part of increasing employee engagement. Unsure where to begin? Here are 5 tips to start.

jpshappy[Employee Engagement] 5 Tips for Increasing Happiness on the Job    

  1. Assign Meaningful Work

Working on projects that are interesting and make a difference is important for increasing morale and raising levels of employee engagement. Ask employees how they feel about their workload and try to find areas of improvement.

  1. Allow Employees to Take Credit

Even if meaningful work is assigned, workers can feel less engaged if their name is not on the project. Within reason, find ways to give your employees credit for work well done, which can include singling them out in a company newsletter or in a staff meeting.

  1. Foster Peer Recognition

Encouraging your workers to recognize and cheer each other on is a great way to increase employee engagement and raise morale in the office. Ask your team to share things they appreciate about their colleagues on a regular basis, like in a staff meeting. When asked to rank factors that determined their happiness on the job, employees said having good relationships with their co-workers was one of the most important ways to keep them satisfied with their place of work.

  1. Allow Co-Workers to Socialize

While excessive chatter can slow productivity, allowing your team members to socialize in a work setting can increase their engagement and happiness on the job. Forming relationships and meaningful bonds with co-workers makes employees feel more connected to the company and helps to reduce absenteeism and taking sick days.

  1. Thank Your Team

New research shows giving your workers regular praise and thanks for fine work increases job performance and raises happiness. Even simple acts like saying ‘thank you’ after they finish a project can make a noticeable difference in the quality of employee’s work when compared to offices where bosses never acknowledge contributions.

Assigning interesting and meaningful job duties, allowing workers to take credit for their projects, fostering recognition among peers, allowing socialization at work and saying thank you all help keep workers happy and productive. Do you have any other tips for increasing employee engagement?

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