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4 Benefits of Standing at Work

September 1st, 2015

You may have heard that standing at work is healthier for your body and leaves you more energized than sitting, but have you tried it? It can be a tough transition to stand for the whole day when you are used to remaining seated, and many workers may be hesitant to make this change. Here are four benefits of standing at work to help you try it out.


4 Benefits of Standing at Work

  1. Increased Productivity

Today’s workers face a massive new challenge: the epidemic of “sitting disease.” It leads to lower productivity, engagement and employee happiness. To combat the negative effects of this, standing desks have the same effect as open offices in terms of productivity; the openness of the layout encourages team collaboration and helps to increase your work output.

  1. Increased Innovation in the Office

The natural movement of your body when standing at work allows you to think more creatively and solve complex problems. Getting up out of your chair and taking a walk, or even standing for 10 minutes every hour can help free you from a limited mindset and allow you to come up with more innovative ideas.

  1. Increased Health and Wellness

Workplaces where employees spend time standing in addition to sitting spend less money on healthcare and wellness programs since standing at work helps to keep your body functioning smoothly. When standing, the heart is able to pump blood faster and more evenly throughout the whole body, which keeps your circulation regular and lowers your risk of heart disease.

  1. Weight Loss

Although you should still exercise regularly, standing at work can help you keep a trim waistline. Your body burns more calories upright compared to seated, and those who stand have higher levels of energy, both during and after the workday. The extra boost can help you stay fit and trim.

By ditching the chair and remaining upright on the job, you’ll benefit from increased innovation, productivity, health and wellness and even a trimmer waistline. Have you ever tried standing at work?

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