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What to Wear to a Job Interview: 3 Dress Code Tips

September 8th, 2015

Part of preparing to nail a job interview is making sure you dress the part. To avoid committing a crucial clothing mistake and potentially costing you the job, be sure to follow some basic rules and etiquette guidelines. Here are three tips for everyone on the hunt for that dream job.


3 Dress Code Tips for a Job Interview

  1. Minimize Accessories

Avoiding being flashy or flamboyant is a good way to keep your interview feeling professional and positive; it’s always best to go with a conservative look. For ladies, keep the jewelry to a minimum and refrain from wild or obscure hairstyles. Gentlemen, leave the novelty tie at home.

  1. Choose the Right Colors

Not only should you make sure to match all colors you wear, but also consider paying attention to the more subtle meanings certain hues can convey. For job interviews, softer and more humble colors like blue or yellow can make you look open and approachable. It’s also best to avoid wearing red on a first meeting, which can seem overly assertive and dominant.

  1. Wear Modern Clothing

If you haven’t job searched in a while, your wardrobe may be a bit out of date. To avoid looking unprepared for the times, opt for modern clothing and current styles. Nothing says you have been out of the workforce for a while more than stuffed shoulder pads and brightly patterned sweaters; it can also show you may be out of touch with trends, whether within the industry or your own life.

Remember, a job interview is your chance to make a good first impression. Keeping accessories to a minimum, choosing appropriate colors and wearing clothing that is in line with current trends are all ways to make sure you start off on the right foot. For more job interview tips and tricks, read additional articles on our blog today.

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