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Team Building: Fostering Strong Workplace Bonds

October 27th, 2015

Work culture can include a variety of different aspects, but many employee retention strategies lack team building activities. Allowing employees to have some fun and get to know their colleagues on the job can have a huge impact on morale and the overall happiness of your team.


What Constitutes a Team Building Activity?

All well-planned, motivating team building activities have a few things in common:

  • A Well-Defined Goal: Team building events should have a purpose. Are you training your workers for a new project or promotion? Are you trying to increase group morale? Determine what your goal┬áis.
  • An Organized Activity: The event should be planned in advance and have a designated leader, whether it is a manager, HR rep or company CEO. Activities can last for an hour, a day or even a weekend.
  • Measureable Results: The activity should have a measureable impact on your company; this ties into the goal of the event. A good way to gauge the responses of your workers is to hold an employee engagement survey each year, or have them answer reflection questions after the team building activity.

Two Team Building Activities to Try

  1. Survivor Scenario

Divide your workers into two groups and create a scenario where they must fight for their survival. A fun one is to have everyone pretend they have just crash landed on an island and can only use a few items to rescue themselves. This will force your team to think critically and work together to find a solution.

  1. A Company-Wide Sports Game

Sports and games are great ways to encourage your workers to be competitive, but in a positive way. Consider holding a flag football or soccer game your whole office can participate in. Be sure to divide teams evenly or create a friendly rivalry between departments. Sports games can also help workers vent frustrations from a day in the office.

Team building activities help to raise the morale, break up boredom from a strict routine and allow your co-workers to get to know each other on a personal level. What activities have you tried in your office?


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