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3 Ways to Use Body Language to Enhance Your Career

December 8th, 2015

According to top psychologists, there are three unique elements that influence your relationship with the person you are communicating with: your verbal speech, the tone of your voice and body language. Surprisingly, body language accounts for at least 55 percent of the message you are conveying. In a workplace, these elements are very important to master and notice because they can have a big impact on your day-to-day work life. Here are three ways to use body language to enhance your career.


3 Ways to Use Body Language to Enhance Your Career

  1. Practice Your Handshake

One of the first things you do when meeting a new person, whether in a job interview or on your first day is shake their hand. This chance for a first impression is an opportunity to use body language to your advantage. Practice the handshake on friends and family; it should be strong enough to convey confidence, but not too strong or you’ll come off as aggressive.

  1. Make Eye Contact

If you’re looking for ways to feel and look more confident on the job, eye contact is the place to start. Not being able to look your boss in the eye can make it seem like you are unsure of your work and lack pride in your achievements. Keeping gaze with your co-workers and superiors conveys a sense of trust and can help you form a more solid relationship with those around you.

  1. Avoid Small Devices

Although tablet and handheld devices can make life more flexible on the go, it may be a bad idea to use them in the office. Studies show your posture is influenced by the size of the device you are using, and this can have an impact on your body language and the confidence you exude. The open posture of holding a laptop or working on a desktop computer can make you look more proud and approachable, while the closed posture of hunching over a smartphone or tablet can make you look aloof and less confident.

In addition to having a strong handshake, making solid eye contact and paying attention to your posture, it’s also a good idea to mirror the body language of the other person you are trying to communicate with. How have you used body language to enhance your career?


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