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4 Reasons Employees Quit Their Jobs

December 22nd, 2015

Are your employees jumping ship as fast as you can hire them? Have you been surprised when a top-preforming team member turns in his or her two weeks’ notice? There are many reasons employees quit their jobs and managers may not know why or how to prevent it. From tough relationships with co-workers to not being adequately compensated, here are the top four reasons employees quit, and what you can do about it.


4 Reasons Employees Quit Unexpectedly

  1. They Aren’t Being Recognized

Not feeling recognized and appreciated for hard work is one of the main reasons employees quit their jobs. Be sure to reward your team members regularly to boost their morale and make them feel involved and engaged at the company. Check out this list of great employee recognition ideas for inspiration.

  1. They’re Having Interpersonal Conflicts

Although it’s impossible to get along with everyone, if you notice large conflicts between co-workers on a regular basis, it’s time to take action. Interpersonal difficulties and communication problems are among the reasons employees quit their jobs and it may happen with little to no notice. Tension between team members can create a hostile work environment and lower everyone’s productivity.

  1. You Don’t Nurture Their Talents

You likely hired your employees because you identified promise and talent, so remember to nurture those talents throughout their time at your organization. Ignoring top team members and keeping them stagnant in their career path can make them agitated, disgruntled and eager to leave for greener pastures. According to experts, it’s better to develop an employee and let them rise up in your organization than keep them where they are. If and when they leave your company, you will have a better relationship than if they were to quit.

  1. They Aren’t Offered Flexibility

In today’s work climate, more and more employees need a flexible schedule for a variety of reasons. Offering flex time for top-preforming talent and being sensitive to family needs can help keep your workers from leaving abruptly.

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