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3 Employee Engagement Ideas for Winter

January 19th, 2016

The winter months can be a tough time to keep your team in high spirits; even your top-preforming workers can experience a lull in productivity due to the lack of sunshine. It’s important to focus on employee engagement at all times of the year, but especially in January-March. When you can’t hold a company picnic, here are three of the best ideas to get your team motivated and excited.


3 Employee Engagement Ideas for Winter

  1. Celebrate Holidays

It can be tricky to find holidays to celebrate in winter, when Thanksgiving and those in December are over. After the New Year hits, the next big holiday is Valentine’s Day, so feel free to decorate around the office or hold a potluck. It can also be fun to introduce your team members to non-traditional holidays like Oatmeal Month (January) or Chocolate Cake Day (January 27th.)

  1. Hold Contests

Contests can be held indoors, and are a fun way to break regular workday routines and encourage teambuilding (think: Office Olympics from The Office.) You can also tie the contests into holiday celebrations, like holding a window or cubicle decorating contest surrounding Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day.

  1. Give Back

Each worker must be personally empowered to become engaged at work; employee engagement is not something you can teach, mandate or train. Although each team members’ reasons for working your company are likely different, the ones who are actively engaged all have one thing in common: they care about the work they do.

To encourage this attitude, try incorporating an element of giving back. Start a recycling program in your office and teach each worker about why it’s important. Another option is to do group charity work to develop a stronger sense of ownership, both within the office and the community.

Employees who are actively engaged and involved can produce up to 33 percent more profits for their company. If you’d like more ideas to keep your team happy and motivated instead of on the job hunt, read additional articles on our blog and contact us today.


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