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4 Common Employee Engagement Killers (And How to Fix Them!)

January 26th, 2016

The New Year is a great time to measure, analyze and, if necessary, revamp your employee engagement strategy. Having a solid plan for retention, keeping morale high and ensuring your team is actively engaged is necessary for the cohesion and productivity of your office. Here are four common ways employee engagement decreases, and what you can do to avoid them.


4 Ways Employee Engagement Decreases

  1. Not Recognizing Achievements

You may forget to recognize your team members for their achievements if it’s all in a day’s work, but if the job has been done well, say so! A little self-esteem boost can go a long way and workers who never hear they’ve done a good job are not likely to stay at your company. The next time you’re impressed with the work your employees have done, tell them!

  1. Not Establishing Trust in Leadership

Commonly, disengaged workers lack trust in their leaders and managers, if not in the business in general. Fortunately, clarifying company objectives and establishing trustworthy executive relations can improve this; a recent finding by Cisco suggests trust in upper-level leadership can have more than twice the impact on employee engagement than believing in immediate superiors and lower-level managers.

  1. Not Encouraging Internal Relations

Focusing only on the employee/manager relationship is a common mistake that can decrease employee engagement. While you should keep this relationship running smoothly, managers should also encourage good internal communication between co-workers. Establish a way of giving kudos to other employees and let your team members send positive messages to each other.

  1. Not Onboarding Effectively

Failing to properly train and onboard new employees can breed disengagement later on in their tenure. Be sure to set aside adequate time for training and keep the lines of communication open as the employee grows with the company. Establishing expectations, values and mission early and often can also lead to high employee engagement.

To keep your team members happy and engaged at work, be sure to recognize their achievements, establish trust in your leadership, encourage good internal communications and onboard workers effectively. For more employee engagement tips, contact us today.

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