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3 Strategies for Boosting Workplace Fun (Plus One Extra!)

February 9th, 2016

How important is workplace fun in your company? Chatting around water coolers and sending email forwards may be classic ways to lighten up the workday, but they may not do enough to form a cohesive team environment with an established culture of fun. If you’re looking for outside-of-the-box ways to engage your team members and get them motivated, in addition to lowering the rate of sick days, consider inserting more fun into the workplace in the form of team building. Here are three strategies to try.


3 Strategies for Boosting Workplace Fun

  1. Set Goals

Creating a culture of workplace fun starts with setting goals for the quarter or even the full year. How many team building events do you want to hold? What do you want to accomplish during them? Goal setting should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. You should also have clear goals during each fun event you decide to host; plan a project or a problem for your team to solve so they feel a sense of accomplishment afterward. This can help you boost creativity and innovation at work.

  1. Embrace Spontaneous Fun

Many office workers think planned fun isn’t very fun at all; they prefer socializing to be organic and spontaneous. A great way to embrace this attitude is to encourage unplanned fun as it occurs in the office. When you see co-workers playing a pick-up game of basketball during a break, challenge them to a quick championship in front of your office’s mini hoop. When you see an employee make a paper airplane and launch it toward the recycle bin, use this as an opportunity to start a paper airplane flight contest!

  1. Encourage Sharing and Collaboration

If you have a big project where you’ll need all hands on deck, use this as an opportunity to boost workplace fun. If every team member has to contribute a piece to the puzzle, encourage them to have a good time and collaborate with co-workers. Encouraging sharing can also make employees feel more motivated and included; have them present their ideas to the group instead of turning them directly in to their superior.

Bonus Tip: Start Early and Often

It’s important to encourage a culture of workplace fun early into a new team member’s tenure, specifically during their onboarding and training. By establishing fun as soon as a new employee joins your office, you’ll create workers who thrive in this environment. Try ice breaker games or problem solving scenarios during the hiring process to attract team members who appreciate a more unique work environment.

Setting goals for fun activities, encouraging spontaneous fun, having employees share with others and inserting games into training and onboarding can all transform your office into a fun working environment. What have you done to establish a culture of workplace fun?

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