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How to Write a Cover Letter: 3 Tips

February 16th, 2016

There are many moving pieces to a successful job hunt, including filling out applications, sending resumes, fielding phone interviews, worrying about dress code, attending in-person interviews and sending thank you notes, but one of the most important parts is the cover letter. It’s your one (and if done incorrectly, only) opportunity to shine and make a great first impression on a hiring manager. How do you write a stellar cover letter that is sure to land you an interview? Read on for three tips.


3 Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

  1. Be Conversational

Many times job applicants who speak, write and work normally in their real life turn to lofty and un-conversational proper English when writing a cover letter. You are interested in a new job, not “Declaring with the upmost certainty and confidence your interest in a new position that may only come about by being selected for this vocation.” Hiring managers are people, not medieval wizards granting you a wish; write the way you would speak on the job in your cover letter.

  1. Show How You’ll Be a Benefit

Writing your cover letter is all about telling the hiring manager why you will be the best candidate for the job. If you don’t exude confidence, show you are familiar with the company or the even the position, it’s unlikely you will be chosen for an interview. Lead with your benefit to the business: maybe on your last job you helped to cut budgets by 10 percent or you have a unique skill you can bring, like being fluent in another language.

  1. Ask for the Interview

Think of your cover letter like an advertising pitch; all good ads end with a call to action, which drives their target audience to make the purchase. Include a strong statement at the end of your cover letter explicitly asking the hiring manager to grant you an interview; your own personal call to action. Something like, “I look forward to further discussing my skills and expertise in an interview,” works well.

Being conversational, leading with your benefit to the company and including a call to action are three tips to help your cover letter make a strong impression. For more advice on shining through every step of the job hunt, contact us or read additional article on our blog today.

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