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Resume Writing: 3 Tips

June 7th, 2016

To present yourself in your best possible light during the job search, the first step is to have an eye-catching, memorable and impressive resume. Your first impression with the hiring manager, a resume serves as a brief introduction into your skills, qualifications, career trajectory and potential as a new hire. Read on for three tips for catching their attention and writing a killer resume.


3 Tips for Writing an Eye-Catching Resume

  1. Be Honest

It’s crucial to never lie on your resume to preserve your professional integrity. “Little white lies” about your reasons for leaving a previous job, fudging your salary details or inventing positions you never held are all surefire ways to get blacklisted during the job hunt and if you manage to get the job, fired once you are found out. Always be honest about your past and avoid embellishing the truth, even if you don’t think you’ll get caught.

  1. Use a Professional Format

The format of your resume is almost important as the words on the page. You don’t want your document to be distracting and confusing for those who view it. Using a consistent and readable template, free from excess design, can help catch the eye of the hiring manager. Use the format as a place to express your personality; choose a font that helps to describe who you are.

  1. Include Keywords

Including relevant keywords can help hiring managers and company software to identify your resume as a good fit for the open position. It’s a common practice for businesses to search through hundreds of resumes by a keyword they are seeking. A great tool for figuring out which keywords to include is the Google AdWords Keyword Planner; it can help you find out which words and phrases are commonly used in your industry.

If you aren’t sure your resume is complete, this checklist offers some great tips for making sure you cover all of your bases. If you’d like more advice on all steps of the job hunt, read additional articles on our blog or contact us today.

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