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4 Benefits of Outdoor Meetings

July 5th, 2016

Outdoor meetings are a great option to insert fun and excitement, in addition to increased health and wellness, into your workplace. As they are especially popular in the summertime, read on to learn about four benefits of going for a walk and hosting outdoor meetings.

a man and woman outside in business attire

Take your next meeting outdoors.

Why Hold Outdoor Meetings? 4 Benefits

  1. Break down Barriers

If you’re looking for ways to build the connection between management and lower level employees, outdoor meetings are the answer; getting out in nature puts everyone on the same level, from CEO to Junior Team Member. The more relaxed environment makes it easy to get to know the boss and company culture will improve when workers feel valued individually. 

  1. Aerobic Exercise

Walking is one of the healthiest forms of physical activity for your body; it’s low impact, easy on your joints and requires no special equipment. In addition to the health benefits, walking also provides several mental benefits. Once you get the blood pumping through your body, you’ll begin to feel more alert and energized.

  1. Foster Employee Connection & Communication

Having a cohesive team that knows how to work well together is essential for the success of your company. Besides hosting team building events, there are several other ways to encourage employee connections, and walking meetings are a low-cost option that will do the trick. Being outdoors lowers the pressure for workplace communication and gives co-workers the chance to chit chat and get to know each other on a personal level.

  1. Different Scenery Makes Employees More Alert

Do you have a complex problem you could use your team’s help in solving? Try taking the meeting outside. The change of scenery from the regular office can give your workers a burst of new creativity, innovation and imagination. Do you remember cloud watching as a child? Seeing the sky while outside during a meeting will trigger the same daydream-like feeling in your team members, and you may find some of your best ideas when trying this technique.

For best results, keep your outdoor meetings small (five people maximum) to encourage deep discussion. If you’d like more advice on ways to keep your employees motivated, productive and healthy, read additional articles on our blog or contact us today.

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