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4 Alternatives to Meetings

August 2nd, 2016

Do your workers seem like they are bored or disengaged at office meetings? Gatherings and exchanges of ideas with your team members are workplace necessities, but you don’t have to hold a stuffy traditional office meeting in order to get the job done. There are several alternatives that can increase employee engagement and raise morale; read on to learn about four of them.

Have you tried a meeting alternative to boost employee engagement?

Have you tried a meeting alternative to boost employee engagement?

Meeting Alternatives: 4 Options

  1. A One-On-One Check In

Many times, items get discussed in conference room meetings that aren’t relevant for all employees. Instead, segment your meetings into one-on-one check-ins that are held throughout the week so you’re using your time most efficiently.

  1. Electronic Updates

It may be difficult to gather the whole team for a meeting, especially in large workplaces or companies where team members work remotely. Instead of sitting down in one place each week, try sending around an electronic update where employees can add their thoughts, check in with their manager about how their job tasks are going or add questions. This can help reduce workplace burnout stemming from excessive meetings, yet still provide brainstorming opportunities.

  1. A Team Building Activity

Summer is the perfect opportunity to get outside and hold a team building activity instead of a regular conference room meeting. Try organizing a scavenger hunt, group community service project or company sports game; you’ll see workplace morale soar.

  1. Instant Messaging

If you can’t gather your workers in one location, try holding a live instant message session. You’ll be able to check in with employees instantly and they’ll be able to ask questions or voice concerns. If you plan to IM with your team, there are two rules to follow, according to LifeHack:

  • No Chit-Chatting: Team members should only add their thoughts when they have something to say or are asked a question. This isn’t the time for gossip or water cooler chatter.
  • Limit Emojis: Today’s modern messaging apps offer lots of smiley faces, emojis and GIFs that can be amusing, but aren’t appropriate for the workplace. To keep instant message meetings productive, limit these and avoid turning the meeting into a hangout session.

Do you hold regular office meetings or are you looking for more creative ways to encourage workplace productivity? Please share your experience in the comments below.

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