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How to Get the Most Out of Office Meetings

November 1st, 2016

When’s the last time you held an office meeting that you felt truly impacted your team members, and didn’t simply disseminate information? Holding an impactful gathering can not only help you spread the word about a new company initiative, but also increase your workers’ productivity and encourage employee engagement. Read on for three tips to make your next meeting go above and beyond.

Make your next office meeting impactful with these three tips.

Make your next office meeting impactful with these three tips.

Make Your Meeting Great: 3 Tips

  1. Determine the Meeting’s Purpose

There are several different types of office meetings, ranging from regular check-ins to more in-depth problem solving. Before sending your team members into the conference room, first determine the true purpose for your gathering. Here are the four most common types, as explained by Inc. Magazine:

  • Action-Oriented Meetings: This type of meeting is meant to solve a pressing or imminent problem. One way to make sure an action-oriented meeting is successful is to make sure everyone is well-prepared beforehand. It can help to provide an agenda before the office meeting.
  • Brainstorming or Creative Meetings: These meetings are more flexible and may run longer than regular meetings if time allows. Prepare to spend time discussing seemingly irrelevant items as they may unexpectedly spur creativity and innovation. If you have a big idea to brainstorm, check out our tips for effective brainstorming in teams.
  • Short-Term Planning Meetings: Designed to strategize planning involved with sales, business development, marketing or advertising, these meetings are held to make sure everyone is on the same page before embarking upon a project.
  • Long-Term Planning Meetings or Retreats: Most frequently including high-level executives, long-term planning meetings and retreats help maximize the time spent discussing company vision, initiatives and strategies.

  1. Manage Your Time

Although some issues like creative brainstorming may take longer, you likely won’t have all day to tackle a project during an office meeting. Because of this, you’ll need to manage your time as effectively as possible to keep the meeting flow productive. Again, setting a meeting agenda is a great strategy to make the most of your time.

  1. Reflect and Follow Up

After a successful office meeting, there are likely action items that need to be attended to. Set aside 5-10 minutes after each meeting to reflect upon the progress made and determine what steps need to be taken moving forward. It can be helpful to send a follow up email to meeting participants detailing the meeting minutes and letting them know the next steps.

How do you make the most of your office meetings? We’d love to hear about your experience – please share in the comments below!

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