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International Day of Happiness: 4 Tips to Improve Happiness at Work

March 14th, 2017

Did you know March 20, 2017 is known as the International Day of Happiness? Introduced to the world by the General Assembly of the United Nations, this holiday has been recognized since 2012; its purpose is to remind people that happiness has a wide variety of benefits, both to human life and to our greater community. This year, why not celebrate the International Day of Happiness by taking some steps toward improving employee morale in your workplace? Here are four ideas to do so.

Keep your team happy with this advice.

4 Ways to Improve Workplace Happiness

  1. Help Solve a Workplace Problem

Helping someone else can give you a feeling of joy and improve overall team morale. Identifying a workplace concern and creating a plan to solve that problem will show your team members you care and listen to their feedback. Not sure what areas could be improved? Hold a brainstorming session, leave a suggestion box or offer a workplace survey to get an idea of problems that can be solved.

  1. Encourage Good Posture on the Job

Even though it sounds simple, practicing proper posture is an excellent way to encourage more happiness at work. By sitting up straight, the body will feel more energetic and your workers will feel happier. Good posture is essential for blood flow, leading to a healthy body and mind. To help your team members stay in good health, it can be beneficial to invest in sit-to-stand desks and comfortable seating.

  1. Keep the Office Organized

The state of your office can say a lot about your company. Is your workplace well organized and categorized, or are there papers lying around or unpacked boxes of office supplies? Taking time for organization can help your employees feel less overwhelmed, and leave your team feeling happier and more engaged in the workplace.

  1. Aim for Positivity

Focusing on small, positive things can do wonders toward encouraging more happiness at work. Have your employees completed a big project that did a lot for the business’ bottom line? Give them a public shout out to let them know you appreciate their efforts!

Positive rhetoric is also important; try and find small things throughout the day that make you happy, such as the sunlight through your window, using colored paper clips or the smell of popcorn coming from the kitchen, and verbalize it. These small positive actions will help improve your office’s overall mood and health.

Whether you love your job or not, there are always days when you need an extra boost and your employees are no different! There are many ways to find happiness in the workplace so you can feel more positive and productive. By focusing on positive ways you can impact team happiness, the workplace should transform into a safe haven.

Do you have any other tips to find happiness in the workplace? Please share in the comments below. In the meantime, if you’re an employee looking for a new position at a great company, please see our open job listings below.

JPS’ Open Job Listings for March

At Josephine’s Professional Staffing, we’re always seeking new talent and candidates that may be a fit for our open job listings. Here are our current open positions:

  • Healthcare Division
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Registered Nurse
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  • Medical Assistant
  • Material Handler – Warehouse
  • Mechanical Assembler
  • Project Accountant
  • Admin Assistant
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Sales Support Representative
  • QA Supervisor
  • MSR

How to Apply: Are you interested in any of these open job listings? We’re always seeking qualified candidates to fill our open positions. We use an extensive recruitment process to screen all employment applicants. Job seekers should submit a completed resume and complete an online application. Once we receive your online application, a Staffing Manager will contact you for a phone interview.

What to Bring to an Interview: To attend an in-person meeting at our offices, we request you bring these three items to your job interview upon invitation:

  • Updated resume
  • Documents to establish your identity and employment eligibility
  • 3 professional business references

To apply to our open job listings, fill out your online application here and contact us if you have questions.

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